"Headed For The Future " - Neil Diamond Tribute Artist Steve Richards
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Neil Diamond Tribute Artist Steve Richar

For the first week in January, we would like to pay tribute to the man who dared to rock, Elvis Presley, who was born on January 8th !

Wishing everyone the very best in The New Year !

A Holiday Greeting from Steve Richards Tributes ! Featuring Neil Diamond Tribute Artist Steve Richards singing " Holly, Holy " !

For November !


In celebration of Sweetest Day this year, we are sharing our video and wishing everyone love and happiness !

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We are welcoming October with our video featuring Steve Richards with some great legends of music, TV, and radio ! ( Alice Cooper, Christopher Lee, Jerry G. Bishop, Vincent Price, Robert Quarry, and Jonathan Frid )Enjoy !

67 years ago, on a hot day in Memphis, a truck driver named Elvis Presley was called to a recording session by producer Sam Phillips, the owner of Memphis Recording Studio.

The Elvis Presley Story
The Elvis Presley Story
World Love
Steve Richards Neil Diamond Tribute Arti
Neil Diamond Night with Steve Richards !
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Steve Richards Tributes
An Evening with Neil Diamond and Elvis f

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July!