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"Hello" - Neil Diamond Tribute Artist Steve Richards
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Steve Richards offers an exciting, emotional show that draws the audience in and holds them there until the finish. I have thoroughly enjoyed his show and strongly support that he be given an audition for The Legends in Concert.  December 4, 2019

The Audience loved the Neil Diamond Show !  Your professionalism and performance was outstanding, and for those 90 minutes, our audience indeed felt that Neil Diamond had arrived !   K. Danenberg Entertainment Coordinator Buffalo Grove Days

I Have never seen a crowd get into an entertainer like they got into Steve. with the candles and hands being waved in the air.  Your band is first class, the lights, the sound, and music were the best I've ever seen !  You are all true professionals.  If you come back, I'll have to build a bigger room !  T. J. Cook General Manager Calumet Country Club

Marcella Huff‎ to Steve Richards Tributes

My SO and I saw you perform at Chef Shangri-La on Nov. 30, 2019. We both enjoyed the show immensely! It was energetic, fun, and your connection with the audience outstanding. Thank you for helping to make our evening so very enjoyable. We wish you and yours the merriest of Christmases and all the best 2020 has to offer.

Steve Richards offers a fabulous performance and is a close facsimile to Neil Diamond Live.  December 3, 2019

" Steve Richards performs a very memorable tribute to Neil Diamond ! Steve Richards is by far the most versatile and talented tribute artist ! His performance is superb !! " October 14, 2018

"We were very fortunate to have Steve Richards the Supreme Neil Diamond Tribute Artist perform with his band !!! His performance was nothing less than Electric and his band was at the peak of their ability !!! He gave us a true Neil Diamond concert !!!  We highly recommend Steve Richards Tributes to anyone wishing to have this kind of entertainment and excitement for any venue !!!Steve Richards will go beyond expectations and make everyone a believer !!! ~ November 21, 2019

Connie Bielanski Had a great time.... It's a great night when you can cry, laugh, and just enjoy it all with friends... September 29, 2019

Linda Gaines Enjoyed your show!! You put your heart and soul into your music!! September 29, 2019

"Steve Richards' performances are vibrant ! His electricity is unsurpassable !" September 18, 2018

"He has continuously shown his talent year after year to standing ovations"

"I've been to many of Steve's shows. It is always a truly magical experience."

" Steve is a true talent ! " ~  Ron Onesti

Performed with Neil Diamond Tribute Artist Steve Richards tonight at Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL. First time not only drumming for him, but also the first time I ever met him. So my review here is unbiased and heartfelt.
Steve is an absolutely incredible performer. He was engaging and the crowd of about 600+ ate it up! He also has the most authentic sounding Neil voices out there and his stage wear was dead on to what Neil wore. Add to that the fact that he’s a hell of a nice guy and it all put together, made for a great evening of music and left the crowd chanting for more! It was pretty cool. As a musician who has been in the “tribute artist” world for 25+ years, I’ve seen it all. The good, the bad and everything in between. I’ve seen or been a part of every type of tribute act out there. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for a quality night of high energy, professional production type concert experience to give Steve a call! You WILL NOT be disappointed and you will be asking him to come back! That I can promise! Me personally....I can’t wait to back him again as his drummer! Please feel free to contact me personally for more information on his performance. I’d be more than happy to elaborate on this more in person! Jason Parks - February 17, 2018

It gives me great pleasure to tell you what an exciting and energetic performance was given by Steve in his impersonation of Neil Diamond .  This letter is to inform you that Mr. Steve Richards performed at The Aurora Country Club . We had members present that have seen a Neil Diamond concert and agree that  Steve Richards is every bit as good .  J. W. Sanders General Manager 4/11/92

" Beautiful Noise " ~ Steve Richards Tributes
"from your show last night. It rocked ! "

"Steve is an exceptional performer who takes the audience on a song filled journey."

 October 8, 2018  " We had a Blast !! " - Jerry Johnson

Leslie Halvorsen The absolute best! Nobody would be able to tell that this wasn't Neil Diamond.... So awesome  7/15/20

We really like the Elvis impersonation...
So well done!!  I also liked the Elton John ... and Jerry liked Garth Brooks. You are multi-talented!
Mr and Mrs Gerald Halvorsen 7/15/20
" Sounds just like the real deal! "

"Steve is a great performer"

"Great entertainer"

" He's great! "


  • 5/5 stars

    Fun, Fun, Fun

    The show was fabulous and we had a great crowd. We want to thank Steve Richards and company for all the hard work and for making everyone dance in their chairs, sing along and they had a blast..

    kathylynn m. on October 10, 2016

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